Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A glimpse of equality part 2

I write again..
Last night I kind of philosophized on the topic of equality and if I remember it correctly I ended on the on the notion that in this life we were never meant to be equal. Some will just have to be down and the others just have to be up there. But then again, in my context, in a place where irregardless of capability or even obvious reasons, you are never equal to somebody who has come ahead of you. Just like in a line, those that went ahead of you will always be your superiors and those that are behind you will always be your junior. The point of this whole argument is simply on the reality that even if I am not in this institution, I will have to contend with this discrepancy only that it is not as obvious as of the system here. The world in its real sense is never equal, had it been the world would have been so perfect. To put it bluntly, maybe equality is just a word that we, human beings, have crafted. Maybe it is some attempt to remind us that there are people around us and that whether we like it or not we are to affect them and it is because of this that we have to at least develop a certain level of connection. It is because of this connection, I believe, that equality was coined. Because of the gap between people, there has to be something that will bridge this gap for them to be able to deal with each other harmoniously, that something is our concept of equality......

Whew!!! Some philosophy, anyway its time for my next class... hanggang sa muli..... paaalam

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