Friday, February 04, 2005

Waiting for the day

Its now the 4th of February and its something like 40 days or something before I can actually leave this place for some relaxation... finally. You see the more it gets nearer the more it becomes longer. Last night I was talking to my room mate about this thing. I told him that if there is something that we can not really change that would be time. We can not make it longer nor can we make it shorter, it just have to take its course... naturally. I few years back I wondered what will happen with my life. I mean at a point where nothing seems to be happening with your life, you kind of wonder if you are going to end up being some gangster or you are to become what you wanted to be. You experience some misfortunes and at some point there comes a time when you just do not see anything good to happen in the near future. And then you continue to live each day, not because you know something good will happen but because you have no choice, time will fly whether you like it or not. And then suddenly something came up, I grabbed that opportunity and finally here I am now... waiting for the day, this time with all the anticipation hope and positive outlook, but still I do not have a choice, the days will just have to take its own course. Now I wonder if the reality that time will just have be how it should be is a good thing or a bad thing... what do you think?

And so I continue to wonder... maybe in time I might draw some wisdom from this contemplation.. maybe before the 40 days or so is up, I am able to understand what lesson there is to learn.......

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Anonymous said...

As they say, you cannot defy time.. But time is a Good Healer, and a Good Teacher as well.. And i believe that in due time, when we are Aged and Learned (sana..), we will understand life better.. :-)