Sunday, July 03, 2005

How is it going to end?

That is the question I am contemplating on now. With the final exams already done and a schedule for break already laid out, the question is Am I going on break? After the so many trouble I had with calculus my confidence level just dwindled considering that rumors has it that only 70 of our class passed the course. The others will have to take the proficiency period then the removal exams to determine their final fate, or maybe MY final fate. I'm actually allowing myself to suffer thinking about the result of that exam since I basically can not do anything about it. But still the thought haunts me. For one, I already had imaginings on what to do during the break and of course, I really feel that I just need that break to rejuvenate. And so I retreat to this blog, wondering if I'm one of those lucky who will go on break this coming wednesday...
well just like before PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE

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