Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Annoying conversations... chauvinist PIGS!!!

Last night, after all four of my roommates settled in our bunks (that's what we call beds by the way) we went into this animated conversation about ladies. In our room mate I am the only one who rarely talk about these things the reason for which I will reveal later as I go on with this entry. Two of my room mates had at least two girlfriends, one is the one they say that they truly love and the other is the one in Baguio. Of course, that is discounting the other flings. My other roommate was just asleep. We were talking about forgive the word, stupidity of girls. Picture this, last break my room mate went to a popular hang-out here in Baguio, he met this girl and talked, they were together for around two hours after that they just texted each other. A few days later they were officially a couple in fact yesterday she just celebrated their "monthsary" with my room mate. My roommate says that since she is to graduate this October, he just have to score (you know what I mean) before then. And then there is this another girl. She was once a girlfriend of an upperclass who now graduated. Sadly, she was the girlfriend in Baguio, as soon as that upperclass graduated she was just abandoned to go back to the "real" girlfriend of that upperclass back at their hometown. Now, she is again giving into the words of my room mate, they just never learn. I do not say that I agree to what my room mates are doing, in fact I always tell them my opinion about it and that is precisely the reason why I write it here, I'm disgusted. When I see them around here, I do not talk to them, I do not want to know the girls personally because I just might be honest to them and my room mates might just hate me for that. I know its a lame excuse for being indifferent, but what can I do, I am stuck with chauvinist pigs as roommates and I still have more than two years to deal with them. And then the annoying part was this, when it seemd that they were contented with their escapades, they turned to me. As I said, I do not talk about romance with them for the primary reason that I do not want to reduce the women that I love to the standard that they set. Of course they have ideas of these girls and since I do not give them details, they speculate. The girl in the short story Open Call was not actually a failure per se. She was perfect only that she now had a boyfriend so I respect that and go on with my life. And then there is this another girl, the thing with this girl now is that they are completely clueless. So they ask me what happened. The details that they know of are usually those that they deduce when I correct them. Like one time defending my point of view, I told my room mate that love is not quite the word because any man can convince himself that he has fallen in love with a girl that is pretty. And then this one time, I was writing an article for Corps Mag and I was covering it. They thought that it was another literary piece for some girl, but the truth is I wanted the article to be a surprise so that they won't go around telling people what I wrote about before the magazine is even released. And so with all their speculations they concocted their own story. I was silent, just listening to them. After a few moments, I want to go to them and just punch them in their faces. It was really annoying. I laid in my bed trying to ignore them but it was just like that. I wept on my bed as they violate the things that I consider significant and wonder why I have to deal with these people. The just don't get it, for people like me who suffered much because of people who do not care about relationships I consider these things important. I do not have to explain myself to these people and it is very painful how they can just be that insensitive to violate things. I can just vent all my feelings in this blog hoping that more and more people will just pray that I learn how to deal with these things. Yes, I am single nor do I have any hope of being not single anytime soon. I have lots and lots of women in my life all of which are beautiful, brilliant and definitely not stupid. I love them all and although I would love to have some romantic connections with one of them, I simply will not, it will just come and I know when that time comes it will just be worth all the waiting perfect and blessed by God, I hope people will just respect that especially my roommates

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