Monday, March 13, 2006

Dreaming on

Earlier this morning, I started wrtining in my old notebook. It was the same notebook that I write to when there was no blog around. It was the same notebook that I wrote the characteristics of the woman I am praying for. So I started to write, I thought of a place that I saw a very long time ago. It was at the top of a hill in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental. It was overlooking the sea that separates Negros and Cebu (I think it's Tanon Strait). In that wide expanse of water one could see the Refugio Island, popularly called by the people from San Carlos Sipaway Island, and then nothing but see until you reach Toledo City. I saw that sight just when the sun was about to set. It overlooked the sleepy city of San Carlos. You can see the Church, the plaza and of course the now closed azucarera on which the city became popular. The cemetery is also not far off, it is there that my Lola was buried, a second cousin, and some other relatives that I do not remember anymore. When I came to that place around 4 or 5 years ago, I was in love with it scenic beauty, the orange shade that the setting sun produced was just painting the place with glowing sunlight. In all the serenity and calmness of such place, I just felt contented; I was happy.
And then how could one forget the view from Makati's Cafe Lupe, the table at the very top just before reaching the grotto of our Lady of Guadalupe. It was a restaurant beneath the big billboards that trooped the right side of Edsa just before you reach Guadalupe if you are coming from Quezon City. The first time I was there, I was with my brother, we went there because his classmate was working there and he invited us. The chef then of the restaurant became our friend and I just fell in love with the place. It was a serene place that is located at the heart of the city. There was just this sense of peace when I went there. In that place I could feel an energy that revitalizes me, it was just a wonderful place.
In all of these places there was one thing that I realized. That was my exact feeling as I started to write in my old notebook, trying to dwell on the wonderful felling I had when I came to these places. The main character in my story was standing by a tree, captivated by the sight he saw at sunset. His wife came from the back, he then gazed at her gave her a kiss on the forehead, placed her in his arms and then time just stood still. As I write this entry, I am still dreaming, dreaming when time will stop as I am captivated by the beauty that abounds these places that have come to etch itself deep into my soul. I am dreaming of holding that someone in my arms and just be grateful. Well, I am dreaming on, I am dreaming because my sould is somewhat in pain with all the things that are happening. The dreams that I have are just longings that I vowed to pursue when the time comes. I am dreaming on because I know that as I dream about all these things, I am getting a glimpse of the wonderful that is in store for me. I am grateful for this dreams and I can't wait for it to be fulfilled.

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