Monday, March 27, 2006

Some thoughts

Haven't blogged for a while, Graduation week was just so busy. So now I sit comfortably in front of our computer in our house in Antipolo, enjoying my first day on break. I just try to update with the things that have happened.
As if it was a surprise yesterday when I glanced at the newspapers at one stand I happend to pass by, PMA was in the front page with my company mate and former Company Commander , the Class 2006 valedictorian, leading the pack. I guess that is just how newspapers are a day after any PMA Graduation. Last year, I remembered the front page of Philippine Star that "starred" another companymate who was weeping as he hugged his lola after graduation. After that I kind of thought of the gimmick to do on my Graduation day two years from now that would make it in the front page of the newspapers. (Dream on Alex....)
And then when I finally saw my 6 month old niece, I was just happy, she has grown since I saw her last december. Now she laughs as if there is always a clown around and mind you she has her own world, she can basically be on her own without causing any hassle to the grown ups around. She simply is such an adorable little girl.
I really haven't written anything substantial in the last two paragraphs despite of really trying my best to think of some idea. Well maybe I'll start with the first thing that comes to mind.
Graduation. Alma Mater Song. Break
I promised that I will watch every PMA graduation I have a chance to watch. Last year's graduation was not so much on the graduating cadets but in what will happen once they graduate. When a PMA class graduates those below them is promoted to the next level and at that time last year, I became an upperclass -- finally after four long years (I should have graduated by the way if not for my crazy antics). But this year is different especially the graduates being the biggest class PMA has produced so far, plus of course being lead by a company mate. This year becomes more significant because it is also the graduation of a very good friend, one of those who dreamt with me not so long ago inside that room in ISAFP weeping as we sing the Alma Mater song in front of the television as the Graduation of the Class of 2002 sang it for the last time as cadets.
The day before, as the graduating cadets were given the traditional honor of being dunked at the sun dial, I saw him, now 2lt Tingson (I'd rather call him caloy). He was already wet, clad in shorts, a green shirt and in slippers. I asked where his parents were as I want to see his mother who was my mother's officemate a long time ago. As we were walking, I was holding his plaques, the awards that he received (he really did well after being discharged and that ISAFP room incident) I told him "Akalain mo grumaduate ka rin." It was a remark brought about by my happiness to the fact that the three of us who sang the Alma Mater song in that room sometime in March 2002 are all cadets. Although we aree not classmates anymore, with me now being the most junior, we have a bond that has been fortified by our experiences as discharged cadets dreaming to given another chance at pursuing our ambitions. In that room four years ago, a bond was made, a bond that I believed will last forever. Next year will be Tonnette's turn and then finally it will be me. Just imagine the turn of events, how we were so sad after being discharged. How we talked until the wee hours of the night about PMA longing for it. How in the end we eventually found ourselves inside PMA again as cadets happy and contented. It is in fact, a real life success story of three young dreamers, who dared to pursue the desires of their heart no matter the consequences. So, the graduation last 25 March for me is in fact the victory of dreams. It was a revelation of the awesome wonder of human life beginning with a dream and ending in a handshake from the president that marked its culmination. And so as I go down from Baguio yesterday heading home, I was contemplating on my next challenge as a second class cadet. I am a bit confused with what is about to happen in the succedding months but then I remembered, how life can just go to its proper place at the proper time, just as how it is now. Well that is simply human life. Congratulations to all graduates.

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