Saturday, May 27, 2006

An ordinary day... I hope and some pictures

This picture was taken on top of Mt Sto. Tomas with my squadmates and my classmate who is also my assistant squad leader... see they do not look like plebes anymore

On our backs are the two sort of "ears" that can be seen from PMA

On our back is the tallest peak in the Benguet Area, we were supposed to go there but the wind and the rain did not allow us... too bad for the plebes

I was supposed to upload some pictures that were taken recently during our activities with the plebes but then I do not know what is it with our server that it simply can not upload the pictures, those on top got lucky. So I decided to simply blog away since I have missed this for quite a long time already For the benefit of those who wondered why I suddenly became so busy, I really was busy. Aside from the fact that our internet connection in the Academy just came back, I really do not have much time these past days (months, I mean). As a squad leader to the new plebes I am so bombarded with so many things aside from the mental stress that all of us are subjected to trying to think of ways to teach the new cadets. By the time we are allowed some time for ourselves, I'd rather sleep than walk to the computer laboratory and blog about the things that happened. Although there really are times that I just want to write some thoughts that occupy my mind, I was simply tired. I was not able to write the letters I wish to send to people, I even do not like texting so much already. Most of my time is occupied by things that I had to do, my present responsibility. Its a good thing now that the plebes are in Bataan for their weapons training, I'm trying my best to relax because by early monday we will also be moving to Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija to link up with the whole Corps for the Field Training Exercises. Then finally we go back here to prepare the plebes for their first victory, Incorporation Day. Then we return to normal, back to academics and hopefully I can return to my usual routine and be myself again.
The problem is, now that I am in front of the computer, I find myself at a loss with words. I have so many things in mind yet I really do not know how to begin. Maybe I have poured all the emotions in the articles I wrote for next month's issue of the Corps Magazine that I just can not find the wisdome to be wise at this point in time. I do not have the slightest clue on what to write I just know that despite being very busy I am fulfilled with the job I made on the seven plebes I was given responsibility over, I hope the parents will be happy with how their children endured me for the past month (he he with a wide grin.) Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy my little feast...

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