Monday, August 28, 2006

Amusing Blogs: Gael's Letters

This blog is a creation of a Bratmate's wife. By bratmate I mean that our fathers are classmates (by classmates it just means that they graduated in the same PMA Class) in the Academy. I drew the sword in their wedding and although we are not exactly close, the fact that we have something in common kind of makes me relate to the things that she goes through. What is special about this blog is that it is addressed to a young child who just turned one year old recently. The blog basically tells the different things that happen to her, as a military wife, a mother, a working mom and simply being herself. What amazes me is the amount of love that is shown in each of the entries. The way she tries to make do out of her cicumstances and yet be optimistic of the things that are to come. Her frustrations are so natural and yet her reaction is something that not many people can actually apply in their own lives. Here is a woman who simply wanted to enjoy life and is doing it despite of the realities that she is faced with. Perhaps what makes this blog very close to my heart is that to some extent it mirrors the same feelings that my mother had raising me and my other siblings. The blog clearly exposes the human spirit at its best conquering the daily difficulties that each of us face.

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