Friday, August 04, 2006

Lessons for the day

I am still not in the mood in writing something that happened today but I am willng to share lessons that I learned. Here it is:
  1. Never say that something is wrong just because you do not agree with it
  2. Never conclude anything, always understand that people do not think the way you do and people do not have the same values and personality that you have
  3. You will never be able to please everyone so do not bother, do what you think is right
  4. Courage is not always how we percieve it, all people are courageous in their own way
  5. Our belief on things are useless if we do not stand by it, even to our seniors
  6. Professionalism is not about how people are its about how people do the job they are expected to do
  7. To have opinions is but human
  8. As always everything, good or bad, is a learning experience
  9. Rank does not only have privileges more than that it has RESPONSIBILITIES
  10. Coward people are those who take advantage of other people's helplessness
  11. All the good intentions will be lost to one mistake in making your point

I can write a book about this but I guess reflecting on events that happen can be a source of wisdom. To the two people who taught me these lessons today, thank you and I hope you too leaned your lessons. For those who would want to know what happened, I promise to write about it in due time, I'm just not in the mood to tell stories at this time.

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