Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Amusing Blogs: Q 4 U

When I was in third year high school I used to cut school every Social Studies class. I did not like the teacher nor was I interested to actually learn about economics. I do not know how I passed the subject, I just did. When I cut class I do not do it to do something else like play computer and all that stuff, I simply do not want to attend the subject and I come back just in time for the next one. In all those times that I leisurely walk and waste the time away I was with someone who felt the same way about the subject I am referring to. It was one of those times that we get to talk about things and it was fun and we were never caught... that person is Jhett.

Jhett is the owner of the blog Q 4 U. I use to envy the way she composes her thoughts and put it into writing. There is so much emotion and she describes something very vividly that you could feel that you are part of the thing she is writing about. That is the reason why her blog is also very good. She writes well and has a knack for visual graphics which is a perfect combination. Her blog is, obviously, about her life only that she writes it very well. There is so much emotion and you just can't help it but be carried away.

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Q said...

yo... hey you ??? whats shaking in bagiou.... so hey... u did write nice stuff about me and mah LIFE blog... duh! sometimes I dont really realize that mah blog is like so open to public... grr that makes mah life so open to public... OMG! ive been spilling mah own shhhh###&&***... hahaha. NICE blog u got in here too... sweeeettt~ ill leave some words here soon. You keep writing... and reading.... AND HEY thanks so much for the nice words... You rock SIR! no mow mister brownie, cz u grew up to be a SIR.. sir yes sir... ME SO prouda you...