Saturday, October 14, 2006

When I begin to sing

Although I knew how the activities for today will be, I chose to watch Winter Sonata until midnight last night. The result: I had to drag myself at five in the morning to finalize fixing my things for the barracks inspection, be sleepy in parade and then hate the fact that I did not have enough sleep. I know its stupid but I was just carried away when Min Hyung finally learned that he was Joon Sang... Yujin's lost love. But of course all that was remedied when I was able to catch a few hours of sleep and then getting ready to practice for the praise and worship at church later on. These days, I have somehow regained my passion for singing in church since we have been allowed again to practice every saturday.
My Christianity was somehow triggered by my love of singing. Even as a little child, songs have become another way of making myself feel good. I love singing at church, singing on stage or just sing at the top of my voice inside the shower. When I first started listening to my Christian friends, it was partly because I love to sing with them. I learned my first Christian songs because I wanted to be part of their group. Of course, with it came the realization that they do not just sing the songs but it was an offering of their talents. When I came back here to PMA, there was just one opportunity that I was given the microphone and then it became natural.
Singing and faith can to a certain extent be a comparison. For one a person has to have at least a little bit of faith to sing in front of people. In singing, especially when I close my eyes, it is as if I am detached to myself and it is just my voice and my God. In the same way that faith is also an expression, just like singing. I really believe that faith can only be manifested by actually doing it. It can not be quantified into words, it is through action. Singing is just a word unless one begins to open his or her mouth and make a tune. The more we sing the more we become better at it, just like faith, it can not be nurtured unless we practice it. I can think of other things but that is beside the point.
When we sing we only have ourselves to rely on to. We can not ask someone to do it for us, the kind of noice or music we produces is solely because of us. The lesson here is that singing is an individual thing that nothing can change it. It is perhaps one of the few things that we can really call as ours. This goes to say that singing can be a reflection of who we really are. It can echo our true feelings and no matter how we try we can never lie through it. I am not making some sort of a campaign to propagate singing, I am sharing what are the things in this world that can not be altered by many of existing technologies around us. The songs that are popular now is a reflection of what the world is and no matter how much people try to hide themselves through the songs it can not be possible. I do not know if many of us have been aware of this but the voice of the people are actually songs that reflect what kind of people we are. I guess singing has covered just about everything, as diverse as the kind of people there is nowadays.
I do not how to end this entry, perhaps this is something to talk about. Maybe the next time we listen to a song or someone singing, we can find a thing or two about that person and just maybe we can begin to understand things more because of the songs. Well, I will go on singing....

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