Monday, August 13, 2007

9th National Debate Championship

The Academy will be hosting this year's 9th National Debate Championship. Being part of the organization that spearheads the hosting of this event, I was tasked to come up with the website to advertise this event. I am proud to announce that the website is now online for those who wish to know how are the preparations for this event. This is also an advance information for schools who wish to participate. Just click on the link below


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Anonymous said...

This blog made me realize how much nonsense I made in my blogspot account.

I didn't know how to reach the owner of this blog such that I may be able to send him a private, I just made use of the easiest interface: blog comments.

Btw, I just found out that you're a "him" because of the blog, "Son to a Father" (I hope I remembered the title correctly).

Going straight to the point, I just want to say that I felt a bit closer to a very special person (who also happens to be a cadet) when I got to read your blogs. Yes, people may have different lives, differing perspectives, and distinct personalities. However, I just realized that you guys in the academy have similar thoughts, similar sentiments, similar projections about the future and a bit similar memories from the past. If only I was listening to you rather than reading your blogs, I would have thought you were him.

In that regard, I hope you'll continue to post your blogs (as I surely think you would because of the passion that you got) so that I may at least (constantly) have an idea of what's going on inside your head...which, may be similar to what most of the cadets are thinking of.

This is such a foolish comment, I know...but I must say that with desperation comes foolishness.

Last two things:
Sorry for the hassle; and,
Thank you for the inspiration that your blog brings.