Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Lessons that are only learned by living it.

My head is already aching trying to digest all the ideas that I have been reading about Military Theorists for a paper that I will submit next week. Blogging is a cure

The past days can be described as both tiring and surprising. I have decided to start doing all the things that I have been neglecting for the past days. I am not yet done with my paper, then I have another paper for Friday plus the website for an event we will be hosting by October. I know I can cope up I just do not know how tired I will be.

The thing that keeps me excited now are events that I did not know was possible. One may have observed the overtures that I have been writing about some person wishing that she'll read it. Of course, that was wishful thinking. At the back of my mind, I was hoping for something that included more of an interaction rather than my constant imagination of things that may not come. I have come to the point of just letting it be and not worrying much about all the things that are happening with that stuff. If truth be told, I have become passive and just heeding the instances when I feel that I miss her. Of course, I can not really say that I miss her as in miss her. How can it be possible when I barely know her? But then I have to admit, that in as much as I try to deny things within me, the thought lingers and honestly, it feels good in my system. I really did not understand, I was just thinking that in some distant future I will, I was merely hoping... just as I always do.

I prayed hard, ignored the negative thoughts that came to me and went on. I was believing that it was a matter of trusting God for the good things. How do I write something that I do not wish to be revealed yet feel that I have to write it? Let me put it this way, in our life we find reasons that we do not understand. We cling to it and hope that in some distant future the time will come when it will make sense. Some give up, for my part I just did not know what else to do, so I continued to believe. Right now, I still cling to that belief, to that hope. In some distant future I know I will understand. Life is unfolding in my midst revealing to me valuable lessons that can only learned by living it.

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