Monday, September 03, 2007

The wish

When I think of ideas now, they are usually hopeful desires of things that I want to happen in the future. I find myself wishing more rather than seizing the moment.

Yesterday, I was rushing back to the barracks to finish the movie that I was watching before I had to go to formation to eat my dinner. To my dismay, I had to contend myself with it jumping from one scene to another, pausing every few seconds and having to be restarted several times. It was an inevitable situation when one watches pirated DVDs. The other week, I complained to a friend how I wanted to kill whoever made the DVD that I bought since that person deliberately deleted the most important scenes in the movie Notting Hill. My guess is that he was trying to accommodate 14 movies in one DVD 9 disc. Right now I am wishing to see the movie again, complete with all the important scenes.

But really what I am hoping for right now are good things that I am wishing will happen this weekend. It is not always that I can be so persistent about something but the thing is that the thought has never left me and to just give up will somehow make me wonder whether or not I have really done enough. I am wishing now for some miracle to happen.

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