Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ending the diaries

I realized that this blog is coming to an end. I mean not in the literal sense but some kind of an end to a chapter and a beginning of another one. In less than a month, I will have to end my diaries from the Melchor Hall and begin blogging outside of the Academy. I can't believe how time flies so fast. Imagine I have blogged a total of at least 5 years. Meaning, 5 years of my life is in cyberspace.

The first Ang Munting Bukayo appeared sometime in 2003. I did not know blogging then and I was plainly writing my thoughts and publish it in the web. I did not plan on doing it continuously and just enjoyed writing. In April 2004, I stopped blogging to devote my attention into coming back to PMA as a plebe. Through, a project in an IT subject, I resurrected this blog in January 2005 and had it hosted at blogspot ever since. I also attached the phrase: "Diaries from Melchor Hall" to mean that the blogs were written while I was a cadet. Again, I just kept on writing. I realized now that my blog has become somewhat of a diary of how one person copes up with cadetship and training inside the country's premier military institution. Every now and then, I read my previous blogs and feel that my life has been so exciting and rewarding in my own right. I guess the best teachers in our life are our experiences and the way we handle it.

Today, marks the last remaining days of "my diaries from Melchor Hall." Whether I like it or not, I will have to move on and embrace my incoming role as an officer in the Armed Forces. I do not think that I can stop blogging as of this time. I am still exploring what to do next once this blog ends. For sure, I will keep on writing.

To those who kept on coming back to this blog, I hope I have done you a little good by sharing my life in the same way that writing it has been very fulfilling. You can view the whole blog through the archives below.


bless said...

Would you still share your blog and entries even if you're writing your diaries from the barracks? =)

alex said...

I do not actually think I'll be in the Barracks... siguro somewhere out there... I'm still thinking of a name to really describe that. Basta I do not think I'll be able to stop writing blogs as of this time so keep on visiting we'll see what happens

leih said...

i just read the CORPS alumni thats an alumni issue i think, and i read one of your writings there im just curious with the author

i just want to say that continue to share whats in your mind.

and goodluck with the career yo have chosen.....

ian said...

thank you for sharing your thoughts and tales with us out here in the blogosphere. you've given us an almost no holds barred access to the world of the military academy, at least through your eyes. here's to hoping that you'd maintain that good head on your shoulders and your heart that's dedicated to a large part to our country. God bless you. Mabuhay ka =] do blog on-

letterbox09 said...

gudluck sir
hope this would not end here
many people also want to share their thoughts but most likely they are not just in position or in capacity,
I will be reading ur blog till then even your outside the academy