Saturday, August 01, 2009

I just feel great

I have not really announced it formally in this blog but most of the closest friend who follow this blog have been informed that I got married last April. Not that I am trying to hide the information, its just that I also do not see the need to announce it to everybody, I do not think that I am some celebrity that people have to know what are the new things that I did with my life, well the thing is I did get married and I am enjoying every bit of it.

Well getting married is not really a surprise to me. For one, I have always knew myself as the marrying type. I feel that raising a family is always the best foundation of wanting to become a good person. People who think that to be good at something has nothing to do with family is totally insane. After graduating from the academy (yehey!!!) I felt that things that I will be doing had to have some form of fulfillment. Well the salary that I get monthly did not give me that, in most cases before I got married, I wake up and realize that have done nothing productive with the money that I earned. There were times that I envied my classmates who had siblings that they help sending to school, at least they will have that satisfaction of being able to help another person. The time came when I no longer derive that much pleasure at staying late and enjoying the music of some live band. The glitz and glamour of being a young and dashing Army Lieutenant was not that enjoyable either. Well, at first, the idea of being a "crush ng bayan" was fun but when you realize that none of this people have seen the real you it becomes frustrating. In most cases, these "admirers" have been betrayed by the idea brought about by the coming of a telenovela entitled "Tayong Dalawa." They seem to have forgotten that although PMA Graduates are portrayed in that series as positive, in the real world, what makes a person is not their being PMAyers but actually the kind of person they are deep inside. And as I said, they seem not to be interested with these things, its just the idea that they are so and so with that young and dashing lieutenant. And so when she came, it was simply heaven sent.

To be honest, it surprised me how marriage life occurred to me the way it occurred to me. I mean, this blog is a witness how I sort of envisioned my love life to be some form of fairy tale. Thinking about it now, I realized that its not actually the exact events that makes our love life fairy tale-like. Its more about the amount of love and commitment you put into it. Sometimes you don't actually need an explanation for it, you just know that deep inside you are in love and that you are willing to give it all.

I think I have found my place in this world at this stage of my life. I have a career that fulfills me as a person, a loving wife that is so adorable without her knowing it and, the grandest of it all, a baby girl that will come soon.
I realized that sometimes, our imaginations are so filled with elaborate details on how we are to be happy. We dwell too much on these thoughts that we fail to live according to the moment and enjoy its many surprises. I think the best things in this life can be found on the simple things. It does not need so much of rationalization or imagination, its just faith. Its more of embracing the present and trying your best to become a better person each day believing on the good things to come.
I love you people.


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congratulations! all the best in your journey together with the missus =]