Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Tribute

As cadets in Baguio, the dreaded one minute prayer is a constant reminder of how life is being a soldier. When these announcements are made together with familiar names, the silence inside the mess hall is deafening. Everyone tries to remember the person who just paid the ultimate sacrifice for this country. In that one minute, there is a vast of emotions felt by everybody that is never captured. When the one minute expires, everybody would pretend that life goes back to normal. Unknown to many, in each of a fallen comrade, whether the one who passed away was someone close or just someone we know, a sting is left inside the heart, the pain lingers and one tries to be strong-- to be brave. While many from our ranks as PMA graduates perish defending this country, the feeling never changes, it never makes us numb. In truth, we become inspired to do our jobs better, not just for fear that we might be the next to pass but to stop the senseless death of these soldiers going out to those dangerous areas so that many of our countrymen will be able to experience the life that they deserve, free from those who wish to destroy our institutions.

However painful the death of a comrade is, we continue the fight for we believe that in some distant future nobody will have to die these kinds of death. The memories of those who went ahead become our moral compass to remind us of the deeper value of our profession. It becomes more of a regular job rather it becomes a crusade to end the enemies of these state in every little way that we can.

Today, as my class gathers to remember our fallen classmate, the Late 2Lt Jeffrey Domingo, who was killed last year in an ambush conducted by members of the New People's Army in Barangay Manurigao, New Bataan, Compostela Valley, another one falls. Marine Lieutenant Dulan Cordero of PMA 2006 was killed in a bomb explosion at Patikul, Sulu.

This song was posted at Facebook by a very talented upperclass in memory of all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. I felt that the song had to reach a wider audience for this is the first time that there is one song that truly captures the emotion of losing a fellow comrade in arms. This song is dedicated to all those who perished defending this country and those like us who are still fighting.

Originally sang and composed:SUPASTAH (Chat '06)

Alam kong wala ka na MISTAH...
Ngunit nais lng kitang maalala
Ako man ngayo'y naghihinagpis
Sa maaga mong pag-alis
Masaya na rin ako pagkat
Sa ating bansa ika'y naging TAPAT

Nasaan ka man ngayon...
Nais kitang maging mahinahon
ASAHAN mong itutuloy koAng LABAN na SINUMPAAN mo
At gagawin ko ang LAHAT-LAHAT
Upang ang pag-alis mo ay maging SAPAT

Ang awitin kong ito'ypara sa'yo MISTAH
Upang kahit nasa malayo ka na
At alam kong di na babalik pa
May isang kantang magpapaalala
Ng 'yong KAGITINGAN sa ating bansa

Paulit-ulit ko itong aawitin
Ito ang nais namin sa'yon sambitin...
ITO and nais namin sa'yong sambitin

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