Friday, March 11, 2005

And another cycle has began

The title was a statement I heard from the Speaker's Board earlier today during the Turn-over parade. That was to be my last parade as a fourthclass cadet, the next time that I will be going to Borromeo Field for parade I will be donning my new stripe on my sleeves. Anyway, I find it fitting to entitle this blog with that statement since it was a very much awaited moment plus something that have been long delayed. While marching, the upperclass who was beside me remarked that at last I was a yearling and I can just say in reply "Finally, after 5 years". It was a long wait but I must say well worth it. When I took that first step in the pass in review in this mornings parade, I was in a kind of trance suddenly remembering what I have done to make it to this point. Of course, I can't help it but feel a little jealous to those who used to be my classmates but then its not too much of a bad feeling as I know it was the way their lives are supposed to be. When we were serenading a graduating cadet, who was my former classmate and companymate, early this morning, I went to her and remarked "Sabay lang tayong naghaharana dati ngayon ikaw na ang hinaharana" Of course she smiled and told me that I will have my time. Anyway the point of all that I am saying is that this is how life is for me in the same way that others had a different experience from me, thinking of it that way makes me feel comfortable knowing that the way they lived their life doesn't really matter that much because I am living my own and it is by my doing that I will make it memorable even if it wasn't easy. And so with another cycle (as the speaker's board would put it) is another adventure to live life to the fullest and be the best that one could ever be, for now, I will have to enjoy my break soon hahaha, I hope to see a lot of people and talk about things..... :)

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Anonymous said...

I never expected this friend of mine could write so well. I am so proud of this guy. At last, he is almost reaching his aspiration and major dream in life. I know success, fulfillment, and career satisfaction will be his in due time. I agree with you. Your time will come. I know God will give you the desires of your heart....~adele~.