Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I'm on break

Would you believe, I'm finally typing this in our computer in our house in Antipolo. Although I'm still a little bit sleepy, the excitement just keeps me going, this is how it feels although I know in a little while my body will start to bog down after a 10 km endurance run yesterday, a very tiring bus trip from baguio to manila and then some charity bringing my two classmates to the airport to make sure that they make it home also. And know after all that with barely 3 hours of sleep I sit in front of the computer telling the people who read my blog how it feels.

I brought with me my full dress gray uniform. By some twist of fate I will draw sword for my bratmate some time this week and I am enthralled by the thought that I will be wearing my full dress this time with a stripe for the first time. I also get the rare opportunity to do the ceremonial drawing of sword for a comrade in arms. I still have to iron it since I just stuffed it inside my bag because I really want to look good on that day.

There is not much of an adventure yet since I haven't been home for 24 hours and most of my classmates I think have just arrived since they left baguio only last night for the meantime I try my best to enjoy my freedom..... Ciao!!!!

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