Saturday, March 26, 2005

Leaving people into the unknown

I'm being nostalgic today. Tomorrow night, I will be going back to Baguio and go back to what my life really is. Two weeks is so fast and eventually I just have to go back and leave people behind. What saddens me are the friendship that I could have nurtured if I was just here to "make kulit" at them everytime I feel like. I realized that this is the sad thing about being incarcerated in the Philippine Military Academy, you meet people, you feel good about them but you'll never really be close with them because by the time you decide to do that you will soon be leaving them and what is left are simple text messages. I feel particularly bad about meeting this one person not because the person is some obnoxious prick, but because I feel so good about this person that it feels so sad knowing that I will just have to be contented with the fact that I won't be able to nurture my friendship becauase I will go back to PMA. What is sadder is the fact that the person is a SHE and that although I do not have intentions of courting her at this point, I started praying and when that happens to me it is a good sign. Maybe my prayer will just work, but the uncertainty of what might happen with this acquaintance is so haunting and I just can't help it but feel really really bad especially that I'm not getting the signs that I wanted. I hope people won't laugh at me for pouring my frustrations in this website (I could already hear Yaser's wicked grin) but then if you can't handle the times when my feelings are just way over my head then don't read I hope your brain stops working hahahaha..... I'm being really really out of sense... I'm ending this now... forgive me people

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