Thursday, May 05, 2005

All out war against Calculus

Our Tactical Officer talked to the thirdclass cadets tonight shortly after Evening call to quarters (ECTQ) and the main topic was about the alarming deficiency rate of my class in Calculus. My instructor revealed today that 70% of my class is deficient in the subject and I predict that may still rise in the coming days. Only around 30 cadets in my class out of about 260 total strength has a grade that is passing in the subject and some are just clinging on to that elusive 7.0. My tactical officer made new policies to force us to study, all privileges are cancelled and the saddest thing of it all is that we are not allowed to use our cellphones unless we become proficient. As of today, I have lessened my deficiency from 13 to 11 which is a feat in itself as most of my classmates are accumulating more and more with each lesson exam. Needless to say, this is a problem that is very great in magnitude as in great to the point that even the Superintendent is alarmed. If this continues, by next semester my class will be massacared.
I really do not feel good about all these things. For one, I know that I am good at math, the only reason that I am deficient is simply because I did not take this matter seriously and now it came to this point that I will have to be deprived of certain privileges that are the few things that make me smile in this part of the world. I am not panicking for I know that I will eventually end up victorious over calculus, I'm also hoping that I'll still make it to Dean's list. Of course, that is still to distant to think about. Right now I have to continue studying. I am declaring an all out war agains Calculus. I will show no mercy to that subject and I'll prove to them who's better. I earned my way to be here, with my stripe on my sleeves, I'm living my dream and its not Calculus that will take away that dream. I'll give them a battle that they will surely be defeated...... This is an all out war--- And I'm still smiling


Jihan said...

Nice blog. Cool but strong judgements.

Dude FYI close na yung hotmail account mo, how will you able to receive feedbacks..?


alex said...

Its not close I still use it? bat mo naman nasabi na close???

jihan said...

Oops WRONG term, mails are bouncing already, I dont mean close Ü, = your hotmail account ayt? Try gmail, 2GB, i think you need a lot of space for this kind of hobby.

Frames in webpages are tricky, check yours, youll see what i mean.