Monday, May 30, 2005

A recap on my "experiment"

Last night after I typed my "so-called" experiment, I was running so fast so that I can go back to my room in time for the last note of the bugle sound that marks TATTOO inspection. After settling down, I was thinking about how my experiment went. I realized that I really do have so much to say if I am just allowed to say it. The six minutes that I had was actually very short and yet I was able to type so much ideas. Imagine, I remembered watching Brighton Beach Memoirs and I watched it when I was in 3rd year high school. Then I remembered how enjoyable my slumber was that afternoon. It was actually raining very hard and I was hoping that a friend would visit me, but then again she did not come so I decided that I will just sleep the afternoon away. Then the rain started and the climate became so conducive to sleeping. When I woke up aroung 4 o'clock to pee, I was very very sleepy still that I think I was not able to greet some upperclass that I saw while walking towards the sink. When I came back to my bunks, I just continued to sleep as if I never really woke up. Well that was fun.

Anyway, I learned from that experiment that I really have so much to say about everything. I think if I was given a day or something to just write whatever it is that I want I will be able to write a novel of some sort. The whole day yesterday, I was having this feeling of just wanting to write anything. When I went back to barracks after eating my lunch I just wanted to sit in front of the computer, but then I fell asleep. Finally, when study period came, I just sat on my chair then started to read 20 questions (its actually a play that won a Palanca in 2003, I suggest you read it if you still haven't just click the link). After that, I then felt the urge again to write, then my room mate started acting out a play from our Literature Book. It was fun and as I said it reminded me of a play I watched in the distant past. All in all, the experiment validates the flow of ideas. How fun spontaniety is, and of course it just confirms how wild my mind can be at times. Well if you think there are still others that I missed about the experiment, just comment..... maybe next time I'll think of some other wild idea.

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