Monday, July 04, 2005

Calculus is DOWN!!!

Yesterday I wrote something, but for some reason it was lost so I'm typing again this time with another frame of mind, but of course the title is obvious, I PASSED CALCULUS. I am one of the few (70 out of 260 actually) who passed the subject thereby allowing me to go on break (yipeee!!!). If you try to recall the posts that I had in thei website, I have been expressing my array of feelings over this subject, from frustrations because of failed exams to happy events when I am able to get a good score, some people have actually felt that I have become too focused on the subject. Well the numbers speak for itself. In my company alone only 10 passed the subject out of 29, the rest will just have to spend more time with their books and take the removal exams, while I go have the time of my life while on break. Yes, success, Calculus is down. :)

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