Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I'm mesmerized -- in CEBU

I'm waiting for someone so I decided to log on to the cyberspace. Surprisingly, I find myself in Cebu City instead of Dumaguete where I originally intended. The reason can be found in the post just before this one. I still have nothing to blog about because nothing has happened yet, maybe in the next coming days I will be able to write something.
Anyway, I was finally able to read The Little Prince while I was passing time earlier and that is why I decided to blog all of a sudden. The truth is I find the book very heart warming and its simplicity is just fantastic, nothing beats how it teaches something from a story so simple. I do not intend to write a review about it for I know that the book has become timeless already and no amount of review can give justice to the wonder of the book. There is more insight on me now that before I read the book and I reckon I might find these new insights useful in the next few minutes that I will be embarking on another leap of faith... Yes it is a leap of faith that I now find myself here in Cebu. I was contemplating earlier on the things that have happened and inasmuch as it seems so unreal, it also seems so exciting. I do not really know what will happen out of this "leap" I made but what I do know that there is no wrong intention in what I am doing, I was simply enthralled. I find it funny that I now use the words mesmerized and enthralled, I kind of remembered the time when I was laughing at Yas when her now boyfriend was using those words to woo her. I felt it was corny then and now I realized that I am becoming corny also. But I guess maybe this will just be one of the things that I will end up being happy doing irregardless of the outcome. I suddenly dread the day that I will leave Visayas and go back to Manila tomorrow and finally to Baguio maybe on the 15th. Of course, I do not feel that sad at all because in just a month will be Christmas Break. Now I am contemplating on the possibility that if the next few hours will be a blast, I just might find myself going back to Cebu for my Christmas Break (Sana). But then its too early to say, nothing is certain yet what I do know is that I am getting excited by the minute. The time now is somewhere near 5:30 and I'm hoping that time will just fly and stop when I finally see her. Today, I just have to gather all the self confidence I have even when I am not in uniform, as one Officer would put it, its the "so-what" attitude that spells the difference and now I know this is my only chance and its all systems go.... Well, I'm day dreaming again so I just have to end this entry now

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