Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Romantic Ideas

As I have said in my previous posts, I simply want to be in love. I do not know what came into me but I guess there just comes a time in any person's mind that he feels this longing for companionship. I am lucky to have the best female friends there is I can think of. There is Hiyas who's just there, always ready to bear with my usual insanities and complement it with her own insanities. Of course, I do admit that she is becoming a woman now even contemplating marriage with her boyfriend, grabe ang landi. And then there is Shiela, who although seems like a bubble who suddenly appears and then disappears, is still the sweetest girl and I hope her boyfriend now knows it pag hindi ipapa hunting ko sya sa mga berks ko. And then there is Nyke, whose innocence I can not understand.... gaga ka ba talaga o nagpapakagaga ka lang? But of course, I love her just the same lalo na ngayong magpapasko at marami na naman kaming business transactions... hehehe. And then there is my cousin who loves me so much that I learn to love unconditionally also even with the eccentricities of so many people. And then there is Auntie Arlene, the epitome of unconditional love as in you simply can't believe how loving she is kahit matigas ang ulo mo, kahit masama ugali mo pag sinabi nyang mahal ka nya as in walang kamatayang pagmamahal. And so I wonder with all the girls I have been loving for so long, what is it really that I am looking for in a girl? Yesterday, I suddenly found my notebook. It was a notebook that I bought around 5 years ago and wrote into whenever I just feel like writing. One important page of this notebook is at the back part where I wrote the characteristics of the girl I am praying for. First there is Prayerful, now thinking about it, hindi pwede yung crush ko ngayon, she even said that she feels she's not even worthy of reading religious stuff. And then there is this "Dapat mahal nya ang pamilya nya", that I do not know. And then meron ding Christian.... mas lalo yun, so in the end wala lang tapos ang usapan, its the end of story maybe she'll change or maybe not hindi natin alam, I can just look at her sometimes admire her and say "Siguro something better is still out there for me." The truth is, every now and then I hate it when my conclusion is that way. I mean one can't help but lose patience imagine ang tagal ko nang naghihintay?
My idea of romance is simple. Really. Promise. I would want that I will meet a girl. Get to know her. Be friends with her. Be impressed everyday that I meet her. Meet her parents. Go to church with her. Talk to her about everything under the sun. Tell her that I love her. Enjoy the things that I enjoy with her by my side. Bring her to the romantic places I have identified in my lifetime. Bring her to a Cadet Hop. Introduce her to my classmates. Marry her. Live happily ever after. Mahirap ba yun? Anyway, I realized that as the day passes one thing becomes certain when I think of romance, I am becoming more and more convinced that I need to be the best person that I can be worthy of romance. I just have to prepare myself for the beautiful things that are to happen. Well, I'm just being sentimental again, as usual walang pakialamanan magsulat din kayo ng sarili nyong kabadingan... hehehe :)

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