Thursday, January 19, 2006


I just came from class ang I can not help it but to just continue writing. My previous class was Political Science and my teacher was someone who had been teaching at PMA for a very long time. Our discussion eventually led to other issues concerning us today until finally we reached the topic of those four PMAers who escaped from their incarceration. It can be eerie when he talks about the personalities when they were still cadets, I could imagine how it would be in say 10 years from now when the same teacher will tell the cadets then of how I was as a cadet. I do not know if he is disappointed with how his students are doing right now but I think he is kind of worried of the fate of the four.
I lost all the interest in writing about what happened in the Press Conference after hearing my teacher during class. I do not know, I just felt weird especially when he was talking about making a difference as officers in the Armed Forces. I think with my teacher his motivation to still teach cadets after all those years comes from the hope that someday his students might just make a difference and be happy knowing that he was part of the molding of cadets like me. That is just how it is really people always hoping that at some point something good will just come out of what they are doing, that's dedication, that's commitment. His words kind of motivates me to be good. In fact when we were dismissed he just reminded as that the way to do it is simply being good for the rest of out lives.... that's just very inspiring... BE GOOD.

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