Sunday, January 15, 2006


I do not know where to begin. I realized now that sometimes I just have to keep my opinions to myself. I felt that I was helping by telling people what I think about them but some people are just happy with their lives that it is none of my business really if I find something worth an opinion about them. It's their life and whether or not I agree with how they live their life it is still their life. The thing is, I have come to trust my feelings regarding things and maybe that is why I did not bother to have second thoughts at saying it to people. The realization came about after having to defend myself, and be hated along the way, to somebody I had no intention to offend but offended because of my opinions. I always thought that honesty is the best policy but now I realized that honesty is a policy only when asked, not when you volunteer the information. Now with me here in Baguio, I wonder how to be friendly to somebody who has already branded me as judgmental, conceited, self righteous and so many other not so good qualities. It's hard to restore friendship from distances, but with people especially those that we care about we just can't give up especially if it was your fault... well that's just how things are, a natural phenomenon that just needs to be fixed.

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