Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Huh?... the people in my friendster

I have this rule in friendster that I will only add people that are really my friends. I reasoned that as long as I follow that rule I will get all the benefits of the website, it is in fact for reaching out to friends and considering my situation, it keeps me sane when I am able to see friend even if only in friendster. I have been noticing this for quite a while but never really wrote about it so now is the time.

A while ago I was looking at the account of a classmate in high school, lo and behold he was hugging another high school classmate... they are now a couple. The thing is the lady was my classmate from 2nd year to 4th year and we were, may I say, close. We have this routine to cut every social studies class. In the first few days, we had ideas where to go but then after sometime we just walked and walked and just returned for the next class. As a result, we get to talk about a lot of things and became close. We were not bad student who did not attend classes we were just very good at social studies that the subject became (pause) BORING... can you blame us? Now the guy, at that time, was with another girlfriend and although they were friends, there was never a time that I thought that it would turn romantic... and then we graduate and I did not see them anymore... only in friendster.... and this time they are a couple and it seems that they are inseperable... its funny how things change, I still have to talk to them and ask what happened, I hope that time will come. Then there is also this another classmate who now has picture of her from the great landmarks in the world all over her friendster account. You see in first year high school, I did not know how to speak Cebuano, I was a genuine Tagalog then. Luckily, there were three of us in my class who were from Manila and one of those three is that classmate. Now, in second year high school this classmate was elected President of my class but after sometime there was a revolt and another President was installed... and guess who... it was me. I wasn't a leader really, I was just brave. Being high school brats then, we always wanted to do crazy things and it was me who always had the guts to go to the Principal's office and defend our misdeeds even if the reason is invalid. My classmate was ousted because she simply was not somebody who shared our idea of fun. One time, I told all my classmates to cut class in one subject. All of us just went to some place and just hang-out but then this girl went to class together with her disciples. On that day there were only three of them who went to class, the rest of us were in some place having fun. In short and simple words, I tormented this girl in high school... no, torment is not the word, I made her life somewhat miserable, the class hated her and most of the time it was because I placed her in a situation that was "hatable." But now, she's a flight attendant travelling around the world. Now speaking of flight attendant, another classmate is also travelling the world as one. This girl is different from the other one, she was in fact a very good friend, I use to go to her house on weekends just to hang out, if I am not mistaken I may just be the only guy who is able to go inside her room and wreak havoc. I think I might even be the one who introduced her to the likes of fishball and kikiam. Now, she's so pretty, travelling the world and I guess rich. I do not know how she is now but I kind of wonder how her life is, I last saw her 7 years ago while flying to Dumaguete from Manila. I hope we see each other again. See the wonder of friendster.

Of course there are also my new friends. There was this one girl, that I keep on bugging about her boyfriend. She is like a sister to me and I can not really stomach the treatment she is getting from her boyfriend. So everytime we have the chance to talk all she hears from me are ramblings from a "pakialamero." Not that its unwelcome, she thanks me even if I make her cry, I bet if you know the story you will share the same sentiments with me. And then again in her friendster account suddenly she changes her status to "It's complicated" ang taray.... hahaha.... but I really hope she leaves her good-for-nothing boyfriend she deserves someone better. And then there are the Lipa Girls, three of them actually. Every now and then I look at their accounts and see what has happened to their lives. Just a while ago one of the three posted something in her blog... well I won't say a word about it but it was actually the same blog entry she posted around three or four days ago but this time the letters are bigger. The title is like "Sa mga nagrereklamong hindi nabasa yung blog ko" hahaha, I was laughing but the observation was true because when I read it I had to copy the whole text and paste it in notepad (see my brilliance?).

Well, I think I just miss all these people especially when the break may not happen if the political crisis will not end soon. Thanks to friendster somehow it gives me some assurance that the people I love are just out there. Every now and then I see pictures added with happy faces, I see status changing from single to its complicated to married to single again and I smile. I read blog entries that kind of reminds me of these people somehow hoping that I might spend some time with them in the future. I almost want to cry when I see a new picture of my niece, she's so pretty I miss her so much. I have my ways in dealing with loneliness in this prison and I would like to think that despite of the times that I hate the fact that I have no choice but to be here, I am coping up. I really hope that my friends who read this will feel the loneliness that I am saying and just maybe will try to cheer me up... I'm begging you people... please...

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