Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Some blog I read

I was browsing through different blogs when I chanced upon this blog. I thought it was funny how she is fascinated about what to do on her ex's birthday even decidin to send him a text message while I wonder what kind of text message I send this girl for her to at least reply. I think our concerns are both extremes. I guess I would be happy if some ex will send me some greeting on my birthday even if it is the simplest birthday greeting. As she said, coz once upon a time, we were in love. But now, with my predicament, I often wonder what is this that I am feeling right now. I guess each has their own struggle and each wonder how to deal with it. In the end there is really no point at cracking our heads in finding the best thing to do at everything that we feel even if it is about our exes or people that we care for. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to simply allow ourselves into the situation so that we can feel it and then we can decide better. In the end, however it turned out, we will still be getting what we deserve.


Ice Queen said...

Hiya, cool blog! Thanks for dropping by mine and liking it. I like it when it gives people some thoughts/ feelings. Sure, please do drop by more often and I will do the same~ Cheers.

Ice Queen said...

Hey ya, thanks for dropping by my blog and liking it. I love it when it gives people some thoughts/ feelings. Sure, pls do drop by more often and I will definitely do the same. Cheers.