Monday, August 07, 2006


The image you see in the right is an entry from my shoutbox that I deleted, it's lame but there is more to that and I am to write it down in a little while.

The last entry about the lessons that I learned was about an incident that happened a few hours before I wrote it. It was something that should not be written and do not intend to write about believing that the other people concerned will be mature enough not to act stupid and embarrass themselves in the world wide web. But I guess SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST STUPID that they'd rather declare it to the whole world than shut their mouths so that people will not notice. It is sad to say that I received some threat to the ideas that I write in this blog. I am very aware that many people read this blog, others follow what happened to stories I told and others find something in the ideas that are presented but none so far who'd go as far as harrassing the author.
This people do not understand what is the point to this and I just hope they read this for the benefit of their small brains. This blog is an evolution of expression from the lowest part of my life when I was a frustrated discharged ex PMA cadet wishing to go back, to the fulfillment of that wish and still a continuing struggle of trying to make good and do something out of my life. It is a testament of how one person's dream can actually illustrate the beauty of life according to the way I see the world. This is not just some insistent ranting that cultivates hatred, disobedience and deliberate defiance to existing norms. Rather, this is a chronicle of what transpires in a normal person's life who happens to find himself inside the halls of the country's premier military institution, the Philippine Military Academy. I believe that I earned my place as a competent writer not just speaking of nonsense but of ideas that are based on my own perception of truth and what really matters in this world. I admit that I do not have the monopoly of ideas, nor do I have the wisdom that never falters. But I also assert that my ideas are just as good as other rational people and they do not have the slightest right to stop me from expressing this ideas. We may not necessarily agree on the actuations of cadets or soldiers in general and there is no fault in that, the wrongdoing comes when they harrass me just because we do not agree on certain issues. I do not care if people will think that I am some self centered individual who has this obsession in writing ideas, nor does it matter to me that people hate me for it. The truth remains that I am putting all these ideas for the whole world to see because I believe in the beauty of life, if they can't handle that then I beg them not to go to this blog (it's really that simple if you just tried to mind your own business) But of course, they are the protectors of cadet actuation, they insist that cadets always have to act in a certain way and the saddest of it all is that they insist that they should act in a manner that they dictate.
Well people, I do not wish to add more fuel to this conflict, I am hoping that they stop harrassing me and just mind their own business. The lesson about this whole experience is simple, we just can not please everybody. We all have our now individual characteristics, traits that make us unique. We are this way because this is how God has planned to use us for His will. The writer in me defines who I am and I believe this is how I am to be used. How? I do not know but in time I know I will.
For all those who visit my site every now and then, thank you very much and I hope somehow the purpose of this blog is attained. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

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