Monday, September 18, 2006

Just things that happened

A while ago we watched the GAME PLAN episode that featured the Sports and Physical Development of PMA. I did not have a grasp on how wholistic the program was and surprisingly the program was able to capture it they were even the ones who educated me of the program applied to me.
Speaking of physical development, me and my plebes ran the checkpoint route for the first time together. I am slacking at making the roadruns choosing sleeping more over these physical activities. But in lieu of the recent happening regarding the state of the morale of my plebes, I decided to bond with them through activities like this. After finishing the 5.5 kilometer run, we all headed to the swimming pool to finally fulfill the promise I made to one of my plebes on teaching him how to swim. I realized that people who grew up in baguio do not know how to swim or at least most of them. My plebe was really having a hard time keeping himself afloat and it took a while before he learned to kick properly yet still can not finish the whole 25 meter length of the pool. The other one knew how to swim only that he hates the cold temperature of the water. The other one surprisingly, did not know how to swim even if he is from a place where there is abundance of bodies of water. We did some drills, taught them the basics had some laughs and had fun. I will have to see later what they will write in their squad notes about the activity we did.
I sent another letter earlier today. It was a casual letter that I wrote in 30 minutes. I discarded the one I wrote last thursday for some reason. I just did not feel like sending it or maybe I realized that I did not want to say those things to her.
The Academic term is almost done and so far it was a good semester with one subject trying its best to make me take the final exam. The irony of it is that I will be left here for the break to serve my punishment. Yas has already promised to send me cds of koreanovelas I can watch during the break. I am thinking of other things to counteract the boredom that I might experience while the rest of the Corps will go home and be normal people even for just a short time. I guess ganyan talaga ang buhay, a few more months and its Christmas...
Well, I do not know what to write about, promise next time I'll write something more serious....

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