Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rereading the journal

I have around 10 minutes to type this blog, I hope to cover everything that I thought of writing before I came here.
I have not heard a bad comment yet regarding my Uncle Bobo article, its not that I am hoping some nasty comment will be given to it maybe at the back of my mind I was prepared to hear what people has to say about it. Anyway, I am glad I published it here. From now on, my supposed to be articles for the Corps Magazine will be published in this blog and I will label them so that they can be accessed easily, just wait for it I have other ideas in mind.
I while ago, I was reading my Purpose Driven Life Journal. It was a journal that is accompanied by the famous book by Rick Warren. About early July of 2004 (as a fourthclass) I decided that I will start doing the 40 days Purpose Driven Life on my own. It was a decision I made out of the realization that I should put my cadetship in a direction that is according to God's will for me. So I asked Faith to buy me one and if I remembered in right I have not paid her until now. so I started doing it but then sometime in October, I stopped writing. I do not know the reason maybe I just became tired of having to force myself write what I thought about something that I read when sometimes I jsut want to meditate on the new realizations that I had. I resumed it in December 29, because of a thought brought about by Grace (yes the lovely Grace) when we were talking during the Superintendent's Hop (she was my partner). I wrote some more until I stopped sometime in January when this blog was ressurected.
It was only today that I realized how much of the things that I aspired for during those times have come to pass without me realizing that at some point in my quest for God, He revealed to me that the things that will happen to me in the future. I was suprised to read that at one point I was writing my prayer only to realize that I have it now. But more on that, I also realized that I was feeling somewhat the same emotion about being uncertain of the things to come and then resolving to allow God to work according to His plan and that always He has never failed me. I guess my point is that in all that is happening in our life even if we are not aware, He guides us day by day ensuring that we walk in a path that is according to His plan.
I also remembered something that was trigerred by an event that happened earlier today at church. I still do not know if I should write about it in this blog since it is about certain people that I prayed for and for some reason I am seeing the fulfillment of that prayer. I had a realization this morning and it still bothers me up to this very moment. I am trying to comprehend if what I am feeling is actually the truth or am I just making it up because that is what I happened?
Anyway, in that journal I always end it with something and that is how I will end this entry.... Thank you for Grace....I love you people....

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glaiz said...

amen! :) i've read some of your articles at the corps magazine..they're interesting..i've been hearing a lot about you from our common friend. God bless! :)