Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Why I like Obama to get the Democrat Nomination?

I really do not write much about political issues in this blog. Not that I do not have a clue of these issues but I feel safer not writing about these things as I am a member of the Armed Forces and there are certain restrictions on how I should express my opinions especially on anything political. But then again, I think I am the first person that should have a concern on our political affairs. So for this blog I will write something political without necessarily compromising my being a member of the Armed Forces.

I have been following the news lately. Not because I am so interested with the brouhaha that is clouding our political arena, but more particularly, because I am so interested on who gets to become the Presidential Candidate of the Democrats in the US elections. In this entry, I will explain why I am giving attention to what is happening in the United States right now. In one end of this electoral contest is a wife of a former president and probably the first woman to reach this far in the race. On the other, is an African-American, whose popularity is so amazing in a country that almost went to civil war because of racial discrimation 40 years ago. I try myself to update with what is happening, reading facts about the candidates but the real reason why I can't get myself to ignore what is happening is the fact that I feel that I am witnessing a major change in the maturity of how America is holding its electoral process. I feel that this maturity is something that we Filipinos can learn from.

Last summer, I went on an On the job training in the different Infantry Batallions in Central Luzon. Going there, I had to pass through Pampanga, and I was so amazed reading all the good things people put up in front of their houses in support of their now-governor Panlilio. Again, I do not know much of the credentials of this priest but coming to think of it, a province actually voted for a priest who had no Political claims before he ran for office should tell us that something very good is happening in the maturity of these people. In the next months that we were a witness to, it seems to me that the Kapampangans were correct. Somehow, I pray that this will start a fire in the political consciousness of our people.

Being here in the Academy, many of the issues I read in the news can be confusing. Firstly, because I do not have all the time to really read all the details about certain issues leaving some holes when I try to digest the facts about it. And secondly, because I am not with the people to actually experience and get a good grasp of how these issues affect my countrymen in general. But then, in here, I am bombarded with subjects of nationalism, love of country and many other virtues that, in my young mind, to give up on this country is like committing a deadly sin deliberately. And so, every now and then, news that mark maturity and improvement delight in a way that I can not imagine. I am delighted because the society that I will be serving in a few days time is showing hope. I am delighted because there is hope for my people.

Now, with all the things that we find in our news right now, one can be distracted with the many revelations (or lies) that are thrown by one party to another. People complain about why so and so is like this and like that. But I would like to think that although some of the news that we see or read may not be that promising, the people on which this consciousness is being delivered are becoming mature in choosing what to believe in and realizing that their role is important in our democracy. I believe that we are in a period where the Filipinos are more discerning and more nationalistic. In some distant future, I am confident that we will become a better nation and everything that we hate about this country will just be remembered as nightmares of the past.

I like Obama to get the nomination (and hopefully become president) because in the history of the United States, this seemed to be impossible yet democracy is making it possible. I do not have a clue on how different he is in terms of policy with any other candidates but I know that if he wins, it will be setting a benchmark that I hope our country will emulate.


ian said...

Hi Alex. Noted your graduation countdown- congratulations on this massive accomplishment!

I personally am rooting for Hillary. Not to play the gender or race card really but there's something more astounding to see a woman president for the US after 232 years of independence. I must concede though that Mr Obama DOES have that *something* which draws the crowds and makes fence-sitters take sides on issues... Obama-Clinton, Clinton-Obama: now that's a dream team =]

And yeah, I agree with you: political education and maturity of Pinoys must begin to take shape NOW. I fear/feel 2010 is the make-or-break elections for our nation...


cool blog!! I want Obama to win as well!!

BTW, your site's name is cool :D

Earl Denver said...

same here! I want OBAMA too! even if he plagiarizes his some of his speeches...