Monday, March 24, 2008

Graduation thoughts 1

I do not wish to postpone my write-up regarding the graduation and perhaps the many other things that happened to me after I left PMA for good and ceased to become a cadet.
I originally intended to somewhat come up with a "graceful exit" from PMA by writing a blow by blow account of all the graduation activities. The thing is I was not prepared for the physical demands (much more the emotional) demands of these activities, in the end I was not even able to write a single word to update this blog. So I will just rely on my memory in recounting the events and somehow put in my thoughts.

When one enters PMA you do not think of being able to graduate. For most people who have heard of the Academy, to enter it is already a feat on itself much more graduate. That was how I felt when I marched for Reception Day on 01 April 2004. Although all of us had hopes, it wasn't something that we entertained very much. Early on we were taught to just live one day at a time. So, when it was already very clear that I will graduate, those thoughts kept on going through my mind as I psyched myself up for graduation. I felt that this can't be happening.

The events were stressful. Most of the things that I have heard about graduation is that it is like getting married. You have so many activities to do, so many things to prepare that life becomes so stressful. But all of these things lead to something that we all want to happen. In all the activities, I wished that I can just fall asleep and then wake up on graduation day.

From the gazillion receptions that I have to attend, the wishes that I had to hear, words of wisdom from veteran soldiers and of course the sentimentality of everything that is PMA as I realized that I will be leaving the place for good in a few days time. In the nights that we were supposed to rest, it was more of making most of the time we had with our underclassmen as they rummage our rooms with things that they can get as some form of "pamana." When finally left alone, the conversation still does not end among classmates as we share our thoughts over the things that are happening to us. It was like being very very tired yet unable to sleep. The day then begins after our short sleep with songs from underclassmen as they render us the traditional "harana" coupled with body massages. Although tired and still wanting to get more sleep, the thought of not being able to show appreciation on these actions was unthinkable. And then the cycle begins again culminating finally when the President shakes our hands and gives us our diplomas.

Looking back at it now, I can't find the words to describe how everything felt. Maybe in the next entries I will try to write about it one by one and somehow reveal the thoughts that came to me but as in all graduations the experience will always be remembered as one that will define a person. For me, it is more important as I look back at all the things that I have been through to finally graduate and say to myself how lucky I am. I am just thankful for everything and I pray that I will remain steadfast to the values that I have learned as I continue my journey through life.


emoterang nurse said...

years ago,im not aware of what is happening in PMA... i mean i visited once at the academy as a part of our tour... until, the day came when i met a friend hu's brother was there and she kept on telling stories about me... then i met the mistah of his kuya and became aware of the things there... that started my eagerness to know things inside the academy...then,someone from my family becam a cadet...and i continously visit the place... i admire those cadets who were able to manage their time... and pity them while sleeping during the mass every sunday... Congratz Lt.... you were hurdled and surpasses the physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual tests inside the academy...:) SNAPPY!!!!!

emoterang nurse said...

i did a long comment at this post at ewan kung anu nangyari...

Congrats Lt. ...:)

gian said...

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