Monday, July 06, 2009

Totally hating Tayong Dalawa... again

Reading from underside, I just had to write another one of my morbid criticism about the first soap opera that I totally hate. This was supposed to be a comment on Nina's Blog but realized that I could totally put everything in one blog entry.
The thing that bothers me with this soap opera is that it totally lacks some form of responsibility in the way they portray their plot. When they first came out, they capitalized mostly on people's curiousity (and popularity) of the Philippine Military Academy. Although it is true that application to the Academy went up because of the show, they seem to have forgotten the whole point why PMA is PMA in the first place. I hate the fact that they do not have the slightest effort to find out what the Academy does to its graduates and incorporate it to the kind of characters that the two David Garcias portray. In the show, PMA is just some history that has nothing to do with their characters period. Their portrayal as officers also have the same flaw. For one, I hate the fact that Dave is able to go home everyday from work as if he has an 8 to 5 work schedule. I wish I had that kind of assignment. They are also so off in the kind of "missions" that Jake Cuenca's character handle. I think I do not have to point the obvious difference of the PNP and the AFP . It would have been more believable if they were wearing the blue uniform chasing those gun runners. Even if they are terrorists, they were clearly stepping into the responsibility of the Police which goes after criminals. I especially hate it when Dave goes the extra mile of putting on that black thing on his face, its just ridiculous, it does not serve a purpose operating in an urban terrain. Again, all thanks to the irresponsible writing done by the writers of the show.
Another very recent scenario also bothers me. When Audrey's father Stanley was convicted of murder, his mother was implicated for not giving off her son to the authorities. The way I remember it in my law class, a person can not be implicated if they do not alert the authorities about the crimes of a relative. Our laws have particularly stipulated that since it is natural for any person to protect their relatives even if they have committed henious crimes.

The thing is, being in media entails a lot of responsibility. Even if these shows are purely for entertainment, there is not doubt that those who patronize it attribute what they see to the real world that they live in. When one writes something that will have an impact on people, they must be careful and bear in mind the implications of what they write about to their audience.
It is true that the show is a success business wise. I have had countless debates regarding my comments on the show with people who love the show, but that does not excuse the writers to be irresponsible. I think with ABS-CBN becoming more and more aware of their great impact to our country should start thinking of inculcating responsibility as one of their cornerstones not just in their news and public affairs offering but also in their other shows.
Now, people will begin to ask why I am still watching it despite of me hating it. For one I do not necessarily watch it because I like it, I watch it because everybody practically watchest and from where I am, its only Channel 2 or dvds. I pity the people that I watch it with because what they see in that television set is what they will believe in. To be honest I have become more popular because of the show, but then again it is never an excuse for lack of responsibility.


Prinsesang Palaka said...

very well said.
this is one reason why I do not watch this series anymore. I think I stopped watching a month after it was aired.

The problem with the show is that, the people behind it could not maintain the focus of the story. The could not maintain the plot. They extended it because of its rating without thinking that the story is getting more and more confusing. Not to mention, far-out!

And of course, I also wondered why the two David Garcia are almost always home. They should have used the PNPA instead of the PMA with the kind of plot that they have.

The plot is just so unbelievable and far-out. They are more concerned of the show's ratings than what their story is all about. It used to be interesting, now its just plain annoying.

P.S good to read something from you again.Take care po.

Em said...

the last time i saw it, more than two months ago, naiinggit ako kay audrey kc lagi nya nakikita si Jr, "during lunchbreak" she's such a lucky kaydet girl, but believe me, a true KG never gets the real luck like that! =D

ymlacs said...

i don't know what's with ABS-CBN's writing team. they don't research the entire history or how this or that will affect the character's personality and such.

and now they have this Tanging Yaman thing wherein the Commander-in-Chief doesn't seem to be like one. The President's life (in that series) circulates around the Malacanan Palace, the public school of their ampon daughter, and the mahihiraps naming Erich gonzales and Jodi Sta. Maria. a big duh!!!