Wednesday, February 16, 2005

And the countdown begins

I go back to the topic of waiting. You see, by this time everybody in the Cadet Corps is in the period of waiting. The Firstclassmen are basically waiting for Graduation day, the Secondclassmen are waiting for their turn in the reins of the Cadet Corps, the yearlings will finally become squad leaders and for me, I'm finally going on my first break, plus I'm finally wearing my first stripe. And so in this period of waiting, everybody is trying to do the right things. To have enough answers for their final Lesson Exams to get more proficiencies or catch up with their deficiencies, to finish projects in time and of course to make that lasting memory on the school year that is about to end. For me I continue to try my best to make it good. A while ago, I was trying my best not to vent my anger on my section mates. I hate to think that although I am exempted in the Final exams of two subjects, I am still the one trying to make a good Class project. Nobody seems to be interested in making that project and I wonder why I am still doing it even with the knowledge that the class project will not change the fact that I will not be taking the Final Exams. And then this is coupled by the fact that in another subject I may not be able to exempt it simply because the Class project is a Unit Exam and as of this very moment there is no hope that we can come up with an impressive project, again, simply because my classmates are so magan? At the back of my mind I kind of wanted to get a zero grade in that UE so that my whole class will become deficient and although I will be taking the Finals as a result, I'm sure to get a high score while I know that the rest of my class will have a hard time trying to review the whole book because they simply do not have an idea of what happened in the History of our nation. But still the clock continues to tick, little by little whatever it is that will happen, I will have to deal with this now for in the next coming ticks, I might not be able to undo the things that I might regret. At the end of this day, I will just be looking back, I might try to dwell on the ill feelings that I have now, or I'll simply let it go, but whatever it is what happens now will surely, in a matter of time, just be a thing in the past, a thing to be remembered, and maybe a thing to laugh about. Time can be so amusing if you look at it.. as Hugh Grant would put it in Notting Hill "Today's newpapers are tomorrow's trash"... Tomorrow, what I'm feeling right now might just be trash.....

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