Saturday, March 04, 2006


When asked in my tagboard what vaultfiles means I kind of realize how things are different when I use the cadet lingo in what I write here. I realized that people may not understand and considering an answer by another visitor which was not quite correct, I find it necessary to explain some of the things. I decided that everytime things like this come up, I will just have to do the explaining. In a way this will be some kind of a crash tour in the cadet culture.

The cadets, being somewhat isolated to the outside world, has developed a certain sub-culture that distinguishes it from other institutions. Just like students from UP are able to come up with their own sub-culture, the more that cadets are able to develop their own. This is in fact one of the things that identify us even to our graduates. We use words such as ungas, mato, laksitibo, vaultfiles, tuyo and others which to some can be misunderstood.

I have had an experience of being used to calling people ungas only to realize that they were offended when I use the term. Ungas can actually mean so many things, it could mean "nanggagago" or simply somebody who jokes around or somebody who is not serious. Now the reason for this entry is on the term VAULTFILES. As I said in the tagboard, it can mean a lot of things depending in the context upon which it is used. So here it goes.

As a rule, the word generally means the usual or its not new. When a joke is given by anyone it is vaultfiles if the joke is common and that many have heard of it. When you do something that is the usual such as marching, going on parade, ironing uniforms, we call it the vaultfiles. When I said in an entry that the Superintendent addressed those cadets sitting beside the ladies to do the vaultfiles, it simply means to do the usual thing that cadets do when they are seated with beautiful ladies (in that instant it means that they get to know the lady, perhaps get their numbers and then....). And so one "tambay" as he or she would put it in the tagboard defined the term in the context of women. I have to say that using the term vaultfiles in the context of women is negative in nature (ladies, take note). A lady is said to be vaultfiles when he has had several boyfriends who are cadets. Something like she was a girlfriend of class 2001, 2002, 2003 and so on. Some people may not believe it, but there really are women out there who are somewhat obsessed with cadets. They feel that they just have to have a boyfriend that wears the full dress. And so they are somewhat "passed on" from one class to another. They are actually "the usual" girlfriends of cadets. Here in PMA, we have come to identify this type of women, those that we see with one cadet and then in another day with another cadet. They are not reserved girls, as the tambay would put it, sometimes they are the OAO (one and only, another lingo we use) of the cadet only that the face is just so familiar that they are regarded as vaultfiles. Of course, not all of them are the vaultfiles that have negative connotation, some of them just happened to have so many cadet suitors that they end up with several cadets. I do not want to debate on whether the notion of some cadets about these women are correct, this is not something tha can be debated on, this is something that is part of the cadet culture.

Well, if you have other questions, just ask away, I will be very glad to answer your queries. In the meantime I'll do the vaultfiles, go back to barracks and doze.

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