Monday, February 21, 2005

Idle moments

WE have no classes today. The command declared FEbruary 21 as rest day after a very busy week last week because of the preparations for the Alumni Homecoming. As suddenly as all the people came in, now they're gone as if nothing happened over the weekend. And so I sit in front of the computer (again) thinking of what I will post in this blog....

  1. I'm reading a book now sent by a good friend Bob Ong's "Ang alamat ng Gubat" although I do not intend to write a book review about it for Corps Magazine's next issue since most people think that just like the other books of Bob Ong, it's simply "walang kwenta" its simply fun to read.
  2. All the articles that I wrote for the Corps Magazinefor the Alumni Issue was printed... hahaha
  3. I had a very good discussion about Opinions on Cadet Training last saturday with three upperclassmen and one Alumni, I think that conversation might affect the opinion that I will be writing for Corps Magazines Graduation Issue
  4. If all things will go well, I will only have one Final Exam next week hahaha I just might make it to Dean's List
  5. I just had my meningococcemia vaccine... yes people I'm free from that virus
  6. And Finally.... I'm going on break hahahahha

Hurrah!!! Ang saya saya

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chie said...

what can i say!! tumanda ka na talaga!! hehehe i knew you had it in you...