Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Let's go Acads

Today I had my last Unit Exam for the semester. It was a math exam and I felt that all exams should be like the one, at least I'm finally done with Unit Exams, I'll just have to make my final review for my only final exam.. Trigonometry. After that I'll sleep my time off waiting for the time that I can finally leave this space and do all the things that I have been dreaming to do for the last year or so. Tomorrow, I think I'll spend most of my day tinkering with the computer or maybe tinkering with my bunks... hehehe.... The whole point of the things now is that everybody is finishing up this semesters academics. Most of my classmates are finishing our class projects, while others are trying their best to maximize the last recitations before finals. As for me, I listen to some music in my room then contemplating on the things that I want to do. So this are the things that I want to do...

  1. I want to eat a lot of Hot and Spicy KFC with tons and tons of gravy
  2. I want to go to Gateway Mall just for the fun of it
  3. I want to visit the bookstore and buy the books that I have been ogling about for the past months
  4. I want to be able to watch all the good movies that I have missed in my year of incarceration in this place
  5. I want to "bolahize" with my friends until our eyes are coming our of our faces
  6. I want to see the beautiful people that I know and then ask them to treat me somewhere out there-- I won't be paying that's for sure
  7. I want to surf the internet like nothing in the world matters just like the way I was doing it when I was still a "carefree civilian"
  8. I want to update my website something that I can manage to update even if I am already back here
  9. I want to go to church and talk to my cell group mates
  10. And finally I want to sleep and wake up whenever I want to..... hehehe

Maybe thats the list for now, I'll think of something else for the meantime I will have to go back to barracks for Tattoo Inspection.... ciao

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