Thursday, February 17, 2005

They're back

We do not have classes today, all because we have to prepare for the Alumni Homecoming, Monday to Wednesday we had drills and then today and tomorrow we will clean our barracks like we never did before. As for me, I type in this computer trying to compose my thoughts after being able to finally change the lay-out of this blog. I still do not know if any of my PMAer relatives are coming but I'm damn sure that I'll be eating a lot on saturday.

I really have no clear picture of what I am going to write, what I do know is that everytime things like this happen, its fun knowing that time passes and that in a few more days I will be going on vacation. But going back to the Alumni Homecoming, this is the first Homecoming that I will be attending wearing the full dress. Being a brat means that I have had several homecoming but I was always a spectator, this time, I will be one of those who will be parading for the Long Gray Line. Thinking of it... it sure is fun, not just because I have so many neighbors coming up also to attend the homecoming making it somehow a reunion but simply because finally, I could feel that recognition from those who have come before me that I am really one of them....

Its almost tattoo in the meantime try to comment on the new lay-out and tell me what you think

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