Saturday, March 05, 2005

This is how the cookie crumbles

Its the first day after Finals and its also the first time that I am blogging for the month of March after our Internet connection was turned off because of Finals week as if cadets really do study for their Finals. And so I coined the title for this blog from the Movie Bruce Almighty, "This is how the cookie crumbles", trying to make an asessment of the school year that has passed maybe trying to find the lessons of the past year and just enjoying the memories that were made. With barely a week before finally going on break, what better way to do than just try to count my blessings.

First and foremost, I am back here in PMA. For the people who knew me they can very much vouch what PMA means to me. I spent the last three years of my life trying to go back here and fufill what I want to be and as a good friend would put it PMA is like embeeded in my soul, whatever that meant. To be really honest, going back to PMA is the single most wonderful blessing that I have received for this year, not just because this is something that I really want but because in this place I find something wonderful. I feel that something great is in store for me here, maybe not right now, not in the near future but I believe from the bottom of my heart that this is where I start to become what God intended me to be and that I believe is greatness. I'm not writing about this to announce to the whole world that I will be great someday, who knows I might not wake up tomorrow, but my point is that it is such a wonderful feeling when you are very very sure that the road you are taking is the right one. The previous year was not easy considering the so many adjustments I had to do to fit in this world. I really hope people won't be shocked how much weight and FATS I lost plus of course the so many struggles that I have to pass through just to be here and remain here. While people think that it would be so much easy for me to simply adjust considering that I have done this before, it is never easy when you wanted to stand up for something. I believe that the three years of fighting to go back here did that. I could have remained how I used to be and just be completely passive but now, I could feel a deep sense of purpose of doing something that not so many tried to do in the previous years and so far I believe that I have done well although I know I could do better. And so this is how life has brought me and as far as I am concerned I know God will be very pleased.

On a lighter note, I just might make it to Dean's List, my confidence is getting better by the day. The thing is I just have to reach a grade of 7.5 in my Trigonometry subject. I took the final exam (my only Final exam, by the way, since I was exempted in my all other subjects) 0.09 shy of that target grade and confident of my answers in that final exam, I just might make it. This morning, my dad called me up through military line and he was very pleased when I announced that I was in the dean's list (see I'm really becoming so confident) even if there are no final results yet. I'm just happy because I really did aspire for that medallion on my uniform come thirdclass year (FYI: you are allowed to wear a Dean's list medallion in your uniform when you make it to dean's list).

Anyway in conclusion this are the summary of things that happened this school year:
  1. I lost a squadmate to Algebra, I hope he takes the exam again and comes back
  2. I was able to write my seemingly "bold" opinions in the Corps Magazine
  3. I was finally able to prove that I can make it to Dean's List
  4. I realized so many things about my life and about other people

And so this is how the cookie crumbles....

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