Thursday, April 28, 2005

I just got deficient

Before I begin my sonata on my frustration on getting failing exam results let me give you a background of the way cadets are graded. You see, cadets are using a 10 point grading system. In this grading system 7 is the passing. So in our Lesson Exams (we callin LE's) which is usually ten points you must get 7 to pass. If you get only six that makes you deficient by one point, so to catch up you have to get at least 8 on the next LE for your grade to be tangent (meaning, just barely passing) so if you get a 0.0 in one LE you would have to get two perfect LEs plus an 8. So you see if you fail in consecutive LEs chances are you will have a very hard time trying to catch up and probably you'll end up being discharged or turn-back. And so my frustration really is because of the two LEs that were just returned in my Calculus class. In my previous entry, I was so proud because I was one of the few cadets who were not deficient in any of the subjects, now its all of us. But my frustration is not really on that, its because when I scrutinized my paper there were so many points that they could have added if they just checked it properly, I mean one point is already something that I will be happy about. I hate to think that the Department of Mathematics simply are so inconsiderate in checking papers that they do not realize the magnitude of deducting even a point to my already tangent grade. That is the reason why in most cases the most dreaded subject really is Mathematics, and its not because were not good at Math, mind you when I was enrolled in a civilian college, I only go to class during exams but still I had the biggest grade for Algebra, the reason really is that aside from the so many pressures we have to deal with as cadets, we have to deal with a standard that is 70% for a passing grade plus some inconsiderate instructors. Well, I can go on and on doing my litany of frustrations but the fact remains that I just have to try harder as in harder...... Well, wish me luck, the next time I'll make sure they won't even think of deducting a point.......

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