Sunday, April 03, 2005

Inside the world of "coolments"

Coolments is the term cadets use to refer to being relaxed. It is a state where there is not much pressure and that everything is done in a "cool" manner. Having been recently promoted from lowest mammal as fourthclassmen to yearlings, its a new experience living cadet life being relaxed... in cadet parlance -- COOLMENTS. The experience is something new and in some extent surprising. In the new world that I am living life now, those that I feared most last year seem to have taken the kindness pill and you wonder where all the rage was. If in the previous year smiling was a mortal sin, now smiling is an instinct, something that you just have to do for lack of any other reaction to the somewhat new personality that you see in the upperclass. Being able to do as you please without really putting much consideration on how this something will turn into an offense is a new experience, something that makes you realize how all the things that happened were king of a joke.... Nope. The truth is, being in this state makes you understand that all of the things that happened were all part of training and although at times one would feel that they went overboard its was part of the role they have to play. Admissibly, there are those who really took advantage of their being my seniors and may they suffer for their actions, but to the majority, I realized that in asmuch as I hated how they made my life miserable, it kind of makes me understand how all that is here in PMA is part of the training we must pass to be able to serve the country in the near future. The world of rotment is over and now we are faced with another rotment. Tomorrow is the first day of our classes and I wonder what the difference is now that I have my stripe on my sleeve, its a good thing to wonder but then its a better thing to do what is to be done and pray hard that everything will go well.... just like I did the previous year.


  • I already finished reading Da Vinci Code and I have decided to write something about the book in the next issue of the Corps Magazine. It will not really be a book review like the previous ones I wrote so I just hope any of you can read it when it comes out sometime early July
  • I hope I can go home this weekend to attend my brother's wedding, I'm crossing my fingers
  • I had a good time leading the Praise and Worship at church today... well I just want to say that :)

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