Thursday, April 14, 2005

Nothing to Blog about...

I really have nothing to blog about. Well maybe I'll begin with things that have happened this past days and maybe I'll come up with some sense as I go along.
I already finished my short story for the Corps Magazine and right now I'm in the process of writing my book review about the controversial Da Vinci Code. I think many are actually waiting for that review as I have been constantly told to review that material. I think that the book was very wonderfully told only that what was told was full of bulls**t. Forgive my reaction but in as much as the book has all the wonderful elements of good story telling it basically deceives people and sad to say its impact is so great that some people actually accepted what was said, even I was deceived at some point but then I just had to ask more questions and then I found out things that basically refutes what the book was telling. I am not saying this because I am a Christian but really its something that we should read as a past time and do not take what was stated as it is.
I just realized that a friend of mine is now working in Baguio, what the hell was he thinking not telling me that he is here all the while, I could have applied for privilege and then maybe meet up with him for some fun, well maybe some people are just like that.....
I'm to write something that might just make me popular... hahaha anyway, I'll continue this one later I have to go to mess... ciao

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