Tuesday, May 24, 2005

In the last 24 hours

My feeling right now is kind of weird. So many thing happened in a very short time. Yesterday, we had visitors at the mess hall, they were the officers of the Philippine Air Force Flying School and it was nice to chat with my upperclass who are now officers, then tragedy struck 4 of them crashed just a few kilometers near Baguio, and then we have the first casualties of the PMA class of 2001, four actually, they were my brother's classmates. It's the talk of everybody in the barracks the whole day and we can just feel sad knowing that another one of our ranks have perished doing their duty......
And then I was browsing through my friends list in friendster and suddenly I missed my brother. I clicked on his profile and read all of the testimonials to him by his friends and I realized that my brother is such a good person. Actually, I kind of remembered how true the testimonials were for my brother. Like the Jordan thing, believe it or not, even now I, I used the word GULANTANG in so many ways because I first heard it from my brother who simply has this weird taste for funny sounding words such as Mangmang and others. I realized that we are indeed drifting apart and soon we will be living different lives and we'll just see each other every now and then. I remembered the last time I talked to him in a sentimental way was the day before I was going back to Baguio last March. It was in Jollibee after we rented VCDs, I could see the maturity of my brother who has changed so much from the little boy who use to throw tantrums when he does not like the food served in the table. I remembered how he used to cry all by himself when he remembers my mother and then tries his very best to hide it from us. Well, I hope he visits me here one of this days, that would really make me very happy maybe talk to him about things, about life, about plans even about topics that we never talked about before. I wanted to share to him my insights about several issues about life, things that I learned and things that I wanted to say to him that I was never able to say. I hope he becomes a good person, lives a good life and raises a perfect family. Well, I'm just lonely
I have nothing to say now, maybe I'll write again sometime when I'm not being too sentimental :)

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