Monday, May 09, 2005

It's going down

This is the situation. Initially, I had 13 deficiency points and considering that I am now off limits to my cellphone, I promised myself that I will get back at Calculus for denying me of the privilege of texting my friends and those that I want to be friends..... Well, I gave myself two weeks but it seems its going to be less, as of the moment I have 10.4, its approaching the single digit figure and I still have another LE which I'm so confident that I had a 10.0 then there is the Unit Exam tomorrow. So, if all goes well, I'm bidding goodbye to the deficiency list by next week. And so I go back to my blog cheerfully declaring that I am winning the war... yes... Its going down.....

You also notice the new lay-out. This is actually because of a project in my MIS class and I made my website my project so I just have to incorporate the other things. Anyway, that's it for now.... in a few more days I'll be texting again :)

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