Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Latenight Computing

Its almost midnight and believe it or not I'm in front of a computer screen just like the old days. I realized that I miss this kind of stuff. Well, we are allowed to access the internet up to midnight now because we are finishing our project in Management Information System (MIS). Don't ask me because I'm also trying to understand what this subject will do to make me a better soldier. Anyway, although I just came from a very tiring guard posting, I'm here in front of the computer doing what I love to do.... BLOGGING. Most people really do not understand what is so fun with writing anything online. At first, I also felt that those who enjoy doing what I do now are some kind of neurotic individuals. But then when I started doing it, it was fun. I mean if I would read my entries from last year or from last month I can not help it but wonder how I came up with ideas like those. One might say that everything that I type here might just be lost in oblivion, maybe forgotten. Well, a few days ago I started reading my previous entries and I enjoyed it, I even forgot that it was me who wrote it. I think that the fun in blogging is on the ability to capture memories that will simply be lost into oblivion. I enjoy being able to just say my mind without bothering who is reading. This activity gives me the sense of freedom that I think most people are looking for. Look at it this way, people will argue with me on why I do this and I can go on debating on them about it, which will eventually be a waste of time because practically his or her opinion doesn't matter. You see, for some people, they don't realize that they really have nothing to prove to anybody, the only person that they have to please is that one person that is not so hard to please; YOURSELF. Looking it at that context, blogging can really be fun. If those who read this do not like what I say, then be it, maybe they can go to some other site that will say that they are wonderful people and that they will die wondering why most people won't believe that they are wonderful. But I'll take you in on a little secret, I won't even spend one second wondering if people think that I am a wonderful person, the fact that I believe I am a wonderful person simply proves that I am, if you want to argue with me then go argue with yourself..... hehehehe
Well the truth of the matter is, we will never be able to please everybody, we must realize that the world is not about pleasing people, rather it is about our sense of value on ourselves. I am not saying that we become insensitive with our surroundings, let us just not allow our surroundings to dictate how we should be as persons. I am beginning to think that I can write a novel but then the clock ticks and tommorrow I wake up at 5:30 and start another day as a cadet..... Well that is just how it will be......


  • One battallion is going down to manila for Independence Day to go on parade there are also rumors that we will have a break next month
  • Calculus is being crushed to death by my exam results... hehehe

Till then.......

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