Thursday, June 16, 2005

It's confirmed... I'm an upperclass

One of the greatest triumphs of cadetship is actually passing pleabe year. The moment we earn our first stripe, it becomes the culmination of an exciting year filled with rotment and the beginning of life as a member of the upperclass corps. But then, the reality is in the first few months you are still the lowest mammal since the fourthclass are still in summer camp. Now that Incorporation Day is approaching there seems to be this aura of contentment realizing that at last I'll get the chance to lead people, the fourthclass.
Finally seeing plebes speaking to you in their confused robotic english, seeing them chinning properly and bracing up like hell is some kind of adrenaline rush. You are suddenly nostalgic thinking that you are doing the exact thing about a year ago. You realize that you were victorious and that as a reward you are given the chance to teach those that will come after you how you have overcome the struggle that they are to undertake in the year ahead. I felt a sense of fulfillment finally being able to apply the things that I learned and actually being able to lead young dreamers like me into fulfilling their dreams also. I now have an influence over somebody and that influence is something of a trust, a trust that I will vow to continue the glorious tradition of what it takes to become a true blooded PMAer. I find fulfillment earlier this morning while ironing the uniforms of this young plebes knowing that I am embarking on a journey that will allow me to evaluate whether I am really worthy of the stripe I am wearing. Another cycle has began and I'm hoping that with this new cycle, improvements will be done and that the plebes that are to be incorporated come June 18 will experience a better Philippine Military Academy. Well, we can only hope for the better, I'm crossing my fingers that the mistakes that were previously committed will not be replicated by our class as the tigers of the corps, although this time Tigers that think and Tigers that understand the responsibility set before them.... Well,,, I hope...

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