Thursday, June 02, 2005

Just when I thought I'm through with it

How bad can it really get? When I went out of my classroom earlier today, I was devastated. I just had to deal with the fact that I just failed another Lesson Exam. The highest score I think I could get on that exam is perhaps 3.0, maybe 4.0 if I just get lucky. A month of hardwork lowering that deficiency. From 13.0 it went to 2.4 and then in just two lesson exams I think it will be back to where it started or even bigger. I just couldn't help it but feel really really bad over Calculus. I was a guard yesterday and I was totally unaware of the lesson. I had to ask my classmates to explain to me something that they themselves do not understand, in the end I was doomed. I am dismayed with how things are going on. All my other subjects are in fact for exemption and then this subject threatens all my plans for a good break when the term ends sometime early July. Of course, I'm still confident that things will just be better as the day passes but the fact that I am in this state still gives me the creep that I might just change the name of this blog from "diaries from Melchor Hall" to "diaries OUTSIDE of Melchor Hall" I'm sorry if I have to express my frustration in this blog, maybe after this I can smile about what has happened. I know what to do, I just have to get away with the sadness I am feeling right now, maybe next time I will he able to report something good for a change, for now absolute maxima and absolute minima will haunt me, and I hope not for long.....

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