Wednesday, June 29, 2005

What is Love?

I was writing a friendster message earlier to somebody that I was kind of "scolding" and trying to impress on her my concept on what is love. Maybe now is not the right time to discuss matters of the heart considering that I still have my last Final Exam tommorrow, but the so many events that happened this past days kind of gave me that "loving feeling" that just tells me to share my thoughts regarding Love.

I will be the first one to admit that I am a HOPELESS ROMANTIC. I believe on things like falling helplessly in love, concepts of soulmate and all other ideas that people will say as "corny" in a sense. Perhaps that is the reason why I can go on all day watching romantic movies from Sassy Girl to Endless Love to Sleepless in Seattle to Romeo and Juliet even the Judy Ann and Rico Yan flicks, to be honest I've seen it all. I realized that in as much as I rarely admit watching these movies and being "kilig" over them, I really am a romantic. Its not because it is just who I am it is because I believe that all things in this world will not be as meaningful and as important if love did not exist. Today, we have come in terms with the reality that the world is not that "loving" to us. We have experiences of people taking advantage of us, other people being victimized by seemingly heartless individuals and others giving us the impression that love might just be an obscure concept created by wise men of long ago. But then I had this thought, if the rest of the world is in chaos and that everyone is totally hating each other and that you're only recourse is to either kill yourself or live in some isolated island all by yourself, does that mean that God has ceased to exist or that God has died? I think most people will answer no, but the irony of it all is that the world has not yet come to that point but people have already started believing that God has ceased to exist. Going back to love, does it follow that since so many people are bieng abused, parents leaving their children, spouses betraying each other and siblings killing each other that love has become extinct? My point is this Love will never cease to exist... PERIOD. Because of this, I will refuse to allow the world to say otherwise. Even if the rest of the world will become some desert full of barbaric nomads ready to devour you by just mere sight, I will continue to believe on the magic of love and try my best to always cultivate it within myself. If we look closer to how the things are happening, we will realize that it is because we have not cultivated love, love has disappeared in our system. Don't you think that it is kind of absurd that we expect people to fail more than motivate them to succeed? We believe that a relationship will fail more than believing that love conquers all? We accept that love is JUST an invention just because we were betrayed by some people, yet we never considered our parents who still say I love you every now and then, a stranger who smiles when you look at them, or even a friend who says thank you for just being yourself. I hope that we think of this things, find love within ourselves, dwell on those things and CULTIVATE IT!!!
So what is love? Love is believing that the world is a beautiful place no matter what is happening simply because every person in it is a loving being and that no amount of corruption, betrayal and all the bad things that are happening can ever change that. Love is within all of us we just have to find it and when we do, we allow it to grow and overflow from within us so that those around will be able to feel it... I forgot it's infectious and I hope you'll be infected :P

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chie said...

I was touched. I'm quite aware that the 3 of you are HOPELESS ROMANTICS going for really mushy movies and all but I knew from the start that sa inyong lahat ikaw ang really in touched with your emotions and not afraid to show them. That i think is a strong trait. You've really come a long way already. In so many things. And I hope you'll continue to mature. With age your ideas of love may change but I hope not to the bad. I hope you won't grow skeptic and cynical when you see or experience the real cruel world that we live in. Betrayals, distrust, disillusionment, etc, etc abound. One can't really be blamed when he turns his back on love. Love can be so vague, so intangible and being humans we tend to look for things we can hold, see or touch. Falling in love is not corny. It's the single most wonderful experience I've ever had so far. But when you really think about it it's all about falling in love. I'm sure when I see my new baby I'll fall in love with her or him. When I watch a movie I don't fall in love with the actors rather with the story. When I eat something I fall in love with the savory taste of the food... It's all about falling in love. Maybe that's when everything becomes gray, when one forgets how to fall in love. Or becomes scared to do so. So what is love? Love is trusting. Love is needing. Love is giving. Love is listening... So much meanings in so short a word. Then there are those people with a warped perception of love, a selfish love. That's what happens when they can't comprehend the cruelty of the world mixing with the purity of love... Am I making sense pa? hehehe... This had been destressing:) Don't forget my ube jam